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Who We Are

Harrison & Whytt are a family owned and operated small business. Started as a self-employment venture in the mid 80's by skilled English carpenter James Harrison, Harrison & Whytt has grown into a full-fledged family endeavor over the last few years. From fine-finished furniture, to functional, sleek kitchen cabinetry, we've done it all. 

James Harrison- Owner & Wood Worker 

James grew up in East Sussex, England, and from the time he could stand, has been chiselling, widdeling and crafting furniture as part of the family business. From building grandfather clocks as an adolescent, to creating one-off, in-laid artistic pieces inspired by (and for) The Grateful Dead, James brings a level of fine skill, and experience to everything he produces. 

His experience and knowledge of the industry ensure that your cabinetry project is in trusty hands, but with James you also receive an attention to nuance and personal touches to make your new space100% you. Never one to shy away from a challenge, James is always looking for new ways to marry his traditional, English craftsman skills with the cutting edge conveniences of more modern kitchens. 

James is in every sense a craftsman, and is an excellent example of the hardwork, dedication and hands-on knowledge using a local small business owner instead of big box companies can provide. 

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